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 The first band I ever saw live!

Formed in 1978, another long running "punk" band. Best known for their earlier releases such as Alternative Ulster and Tin Soldiers. SLF are distinct from The Stranglers in that, rather than becoming mellower in their old age, they have become "heavier".

In my opinion their best moments have been -

1) Suspect Device

2) Gotta Getaway (great bass line!)

3) At The Edge

4) Each One a Bullet

5) Stands To Reason

6) Hope Street (OK It's new so I'll love it - but this is SLF back to their very best!)

Best album - Inflammable Material.

Pay a visit to the excellent S.L.F. site you can even have a chat with other SLF fans and sometimes even band members!

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Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs

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