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Talkback: Stiff Little Fingers (Chrysalis)

The opening duplicates Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" the rest features feigned anger and pretend energy, also a horn section that makes The Fingers sound like a second generation Jam or third generation Haircut 100, whichever way you want to look at it. The line that goes "shut your face and listen" sounds so unconvincing. This is the first record in this week's selection that I want to turn into an ashtray.



Stiff little Fingers: Bits of Kids (Chrysalis)

Dave Hepworth shruged at the OGWT set behind him and sighed "The man can't sing to save himself!" He was right about Jake Burns, of course but this pseudo- Springsteen rant, retro-fitted to UK culture almost convinces me otherwise. Even if I'm not a fan, shows me why SLF are not just an older Ejected...



Stiff Little Fingers: The Price of Admission (Chrysalis)

For all the bravery of the acoustic guitar and the hard-edged lyrical message (which will probably be dismissed as trendy femminist bandwagoning, but is really to do with mutual respect), this track from SLF's final album still sounds very clumsy and forced. The tune is too stilted, despite being well- arranged and building up expertly to the final line of irony, but if the message is in the medium, this won't get through, I'm afraid.


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