Written In Red

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


Track Listing

Valley Of The Birds

Written In Red

In A While

Silver Into Blue

Blue Sky


Joy De Viva

Miss You

Daddy's Riding The Range

Summer In The City

Wonderful Land

Produced by Andy Gill and The Stranglers

Additional Production by Cenzo Townshend

Mixed by Cenzo Townshend, Spike Drake and Andy Gill

Photography - Ichiro Kono

Design & Direction - Joe Wright (Studio Barbara)


Released by When Recordings - Catalogue Number WEN CD 009 GAS0000009 WEN.

The album was also issue in a limited edition digipak version - Catalogue Number WEN PD 009 GAS0000009 WEN.
This had a rather strange plastic sheath filled with a red liquid - here's a picture.

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