OK - for those who have been before - here's where to look for some new stuff


A whole new look and feel for the site is on its way - keep coming back to see when it happens. Loads of new content will be included!!


28/01/00 - Happy New Year. Thought it was about time I updated the Total Guitar section. I did update January's and February's issues - just didn't tell you here. Anyway March is now added as well. 

12/12/99 - Just updates today - sorted out some of the duff links on The Stranglers homepage - thanks to those of you who pointed out the errors. Also removed (temporarily) the pages on Crass - 'cos I've run out of web space.

The new site is coming on well - should be up and running in the new year - have even bought its own web name!!

05/12/99 - January 2000 issue of Total Guitar added to the A to Z of tab. Also added live pictures of The Stranglers Live in Cyprus.

25/11/99 - Loads of new albums added today on The Stranglers Pages - Hits and Heroes, Anomalies, Aural Sculpture and Feline Japanese Versions, Hugh Cornwells Solo and Mayday Live Records, John Ellis's Spic 'N' Span and In Rhodt and on the singles front, Paul Roberts God. Go on, check 'em out! 

14/11/99 - Chord Sheet for Down In The Sewer added. Dagenham Dave corrected so it's now in the correct key! 

11/11/99 - Chord Sheets for The Stranglers tracks Go Buddy Go, Sometimes and Dagenham Dave added to the Chord Sheet section.

02/11/99 - December edition of Total Guitar added today, enjoy

30/10/99 - Realised the link for the new official Paul Roberts pages was wrong - its fixed now - go here - http://www.paul.roberts.cwc.net

11/10/99 - Total Guitar issue 63, November 1999 added to the A-Z Index 

06/09/99 - Total Guitar issue 62, October 1999 added to the A - Z Index

02/09/99 - Tab for The Stranglers Hot Club added. Not only that - but check out my thoughts on the Leeds Festival in the Live Review Section

21/08/99 - Jesus - I've updated the What I'm Listening To at The Moment section - go on - you haven't got anything better to do!!

07/08/99 - Ah - well you didn't tell me - so I didn't know that the link to The Stranglers Singles Pages wasn't working. Well - it is now!!

07/08/99 - Added the rather excellent ad for The Orange Alert Gig on The Stranglers homepage along with the autumn edition of Total Guitar on the A to Z listing.

25/07/99 - Read Dave Southworth's extensive review of The Strangler's live in Cyprus

24/07/99 - Today we have added the September issue into the Total Guitar A to Z along with an excellent transcript of The Stranglers Golden Brown. Enjoy!

03/07/99 - Be one of the first to own the new Blur biography out later this month - Check out the shopping channel here other new titles added as well.

03/07/99 - New chord sheets added of The Stranglers tracks Money and You'll Always Reap What You Sow.

26/06/99 - Issue 59, August 1999 added to the Total Guitar A to Z

08/06/99 - Better late than never - Issue 58 added to the Total Guitar A to Z

05/06/99 - OK - you really can see the Stranglers Chord Sheets now!!

31/05/99 - Have now finally moved house and got the new telephone line installed - so lots of updating will be carried out over the next few days - added today we have


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