Un Jour Parfait

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Un Jour Parfait (theme)

Si J'Étais


Triste Ville Se Soir

Un Jour Parfait

Via Dolorosa

Le Whiskey

(She Drives Me) Crazy

Garden Of Eden



Via Dolorosa (version espagnole)

Release Date - 1988

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart

Catalogue Number EPC 462424 2

Label - Epic

Produced by J.J.Burnel

Front Cover - Lumiere Marine by Bang Hai Ja

This was originally a France only release. SIS did reissue it in the UK with a different cover. My copy is the French copy - so if I have got any of the information above wrong - just blame my inability to read French. As you have probably gathered, with the exception of Garden of Eden and the Spanish version of Via Dolorosa, this is a French language album.Dave Greenfield plays all the keyboards on the album except on "Weekend". You will also find The Stranglers Brass section of the time making a number of apperences.

The album has been re-released a couple of times, firstly on the SIS label and then on Eastworld Recordings - Catalogue Number EW0003CD in 1998. This has a different cover - see below and the following additional tracks;

Le Whiskey (Dance Mix)

Elle Assure

Reves (12" Mix)

Les Mensouges Et Les Larmes


It should be noted that, despite the title, Elle Assure is sung in English.

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