No More Heroes - A Tribute To The Stranglers

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


Track Listing

Shut Up - US Chaos

Something Better Change - The Reducers

No More Heroes - The Wretched Ones

Curfew - The Truents

Bring On The Nubiles - US Chaos

Tank - Ugly Truth

Rok It To The Moon - Joe Diaz and the Disruptors

Vietnamerica - Sanity Assassins

Duchess - Time Bomb 77

Choosey Suzie - Tedio Boys

Go Buddy Go - Wat Tyler

London Lady - Dead End Kids

Nice 'N' Sleazy - The Candy Snatchers

Peaches - The Invaders

Golden Brown - The Independents

Always The Sun - The Sisters of Morrisey

Love 30 - Blast Fence

Produced by Fernando Pinto

Art Work - Todd Rodgers and Shangri la Traflerpark


Released on Elevator Music Catalogue Number ELM 20


Release Date 1998

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart

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