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Introduction (Jet Black)

Get A Grip (Robert Smith - Guitars, Hazel O'Connor - Vocals)

Hanging Around (Robert Smith - Guitars, Hazel O'Connor - Vocals)

Tank (Robert Fripp - Guitar, Pete Hammil - Vocals)

Threatened (Robert Fripp - Guitar)

Toiler (Robert Fripp - Guitar, Phil Daniels - Vocals)

The Raven (Basil Gabbidon - Guitar, Pete Hammil - Vocals)

Dead Loss Angeles (Wilko Johnson - Guitar, Phil Daniels - Vocals)

Nice 'N' Sleazy (Basil Gabbidon - Guitar, Nicky Tesco - Vocals, Nik Turner - Sax)

Bring On The Nubiles (Wilko Johnson - Guitar, Richard Jobson - Vocals)

Peaches (John Turnball - Guitar, Ian Dury, Toyah Wilcox & Hazel O'Connor - Vocals, Davey Payne - Sax)

Bear Cage (John Turnball - Guitar, Ian Dury, Toyah Wilcox & Hazel O'Connor - Vocals, Davey Payne - Sax, Matthew Hartley - Keyboards)

Duchess (John Ellis - Guitar, Toyah Wilcox - Vocals)

No More Heroes (John Ellis - Guitar, Richard Jobson - Vocals)

Five Minutes (Larry Wallis - Guitar, Richard Jobson - Vocals)

Something Better Change (Steve Hillage - Guitar, Toyah Wilcox - Vocals)

Sewer (Steve Hillage - Guitar, Jake Burns - Vocals)

Release Date February 1995

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart

Catalogue Number RRCD 195

Record Label - Revolver

Nice To see Revolver continue to get the titles fucked up!

This was recorded during the spring of 1980 whilst Hugh was in jail for possession of drugs and had a number of guest musicians filling his place.

The entire 4th April Concert is available as a bootleg. Known as "...and then there were three" (a quote from Jet Black) this bootleg includes various tracks not included in the above official bootleg - Shah Shah a Go-Go, Curfew, Do The European and Go Buddy Go. Not only that but is also includes The Tube apperance from 21/01/83 (excellent versions of Midnight Summer Dream, The European Female and Who Wants the World) along with 3 fillers from the Battersea Park gig in 1978.


Jet Black Concert Introduction

(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)

Hanging Around



Toiler On The Sea

The Raven

Shah Shah a Go-Go


Dead Loss Angeles

Nice 'N' Sleazy

Bring On The Nubiles


Bear Cage


No More Heroes

Five Minutes

Something Better Change

Down in the Sewer

Do the European

Go Buddy Go

Midnight Summer Dream*

The European Female*

Who Wants the World?*


Hanging Around**

Nice 'n' Sleazy**


* - recorded on The Tube, Channel 4, 21/01/83

** - recorded at Battersea Park, London, 16/09/78.

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