The Sessions

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


Track Listing  

Hanging Around

I Feel Like A Wog

Goodbye Toulouse

Something Better Change

Dead Ringer

No More Heroes

Burning Up Time

Bring On The Nubiles

The Man They Love To Hate

Nuclear Device/Genetix

Down In The Sewer

Produced By 1-4 Jeff Griffith 5-8 Tony Wilson 9-11 Dale Griffin

Engineered by 1-8 Mike Robinson


1 to 4 1977, First Broadcast 07/03/77

5 to 8 1977, First Broadcast 13/09/77

Recorded 9 to 11 1982, First Broadcast 11/02/82

Issued on Eagle Records - Catalogue Number ESS CD 283

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