The Dead Kennedys

Pretty much the original US hardcore punk band - certainly the biggest. Highly political but with very amusing stories to tell in amongst it all. Were forced into splitting up following numerous court cases involving alledged distribution of harmful material to minors, orchestrated mainly by the dreaded PMRC led by Vice President Gores wife Tipper.


Have a listen to

1) Too Drunk To Fuck

2) Holiday in Cambodia

3) Terminal Preppie

4) Bleed For Me

5) Moral Majority


And album? - it has to be the excellent Plastic Surgery Disasters

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


Here are the albums that the band have released over the years.

Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegtables

Plastic Surgery Disasters


Bedtime For Democracy

Give Me Convienience or Give Me Death


Virus 100 (Various Artists Tribute Album)


Following the sad demise of the Kennedys the members of the band went solo - here is a selection, mainly Jello Biafra, of what was released;


The Power of Lard

The Last Temptation of Reid

Pure Chewing Satisfaction

70's Rock Must Die


Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon

Will The Foetus be Aborted?





The Stranglers

Stiff Little Fingers