The Vandals


Crazy Punks - issuing a Christmas Album in amongst a bunch of fine Punk Rock albums. Saw them recently at The Garage in London - Warren Fitzgerald - Lead Guitarist and occassional crooner - played the last number stark bollock naked - not a pleasant site!! Top bollocks band though!

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs




Top Moments include;


1) I Have A Date

2) Allah

3) Its A Fact

4) Live Fast Diarrhoea (as heard on the "X Files" no less!)

5) My First Xmas, As A Woman


Best Album - Live Fast Diarrhoea - but check out Christmas With the Vandals as well - just for a laugh of course!


These are some of their albums to date;


Fear of A Punk Planet

The Quickening

Christmas With The Vandals - Oi To The World

Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes


Web Sites - Have a look at Nitro Records site -


American Punk & Ska

The Stranglers

Stiff Little Fingers