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Check Out the Chord Pages - New Stranglers Chord Sheets just added - all prepared by that wiz guitarist John Hall who plays for Orange Alert



Buy rare Stranglers Recordings here -

Check Out this great NME Interview with JJ Burnel from 1979


Check Out This Great Interview on American Tour


Check Out this great Sounds Interview with JJ Burnel from 1979


Ever wondered why JJB's Girl from the Snow Country is Rare?

Check out this interview with JJ and find out the full history


JJB's Top Ten Records from 1992


"That" NME Review of Rattus Norvegicus


The Stranglers in America - from Sounds 04/78


Hugh Cornwell Interview - Record Mirror 1985



Been here before? Check Out here!

Order No Mercy - The Authorized Biography of The Stranglers Today!


A great New Page written by Chrisinblack Dedicated to Paul Roberts - follow this link!


Check out the Stranglers section at CDNow on the following link - they even let you have a listen to some of the tracks! Have a read of my guide to buying CD's on the Internet and see why you will save a bit of money doing it.

Alternatively - you could go here and get the American Version of Hugh Cornwell's albums "Guilty" now retitled as "Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit and "Wired" now retitled as "First Bus To Babylon"

 So, what's on this poxy site about The Stranglers then?


Check out Dave Southworth 's review of The Stranglers - Live In Cyprus 1999

Chord Sheet page with The Stranglers Tab and Chords

Check out the following Live Review of the band from The Dreamtime Tour

You could always read all that JJ had to say in an Interview with Record Mirror back in 1986.

And here's where you can see JJ being a cover star on the front page of The Record Mirror - watch out though - this is a big file and will take some downloading!!

Here's one of the first post Hugh Interviews with JJ and Paul back in 1991.

Click here for the Press Release for Heaven Or Hell

What about the press release from the launch of the About Time album? It's here!

Compare and contrast the above press release with this review of the About Time album

Check this page out for some stills from the Golden Boy video . These were produced by Shangara Singh thanks go to him for permission to use these. Check out his site here-

Here's a review of the recent Sweetlands Concert in New Zealand by Michael Kerridge.

See what the band looked like way back in the early days!

If you would like to see some of The Stranglers tracks that have made it onto other bands singles have a look here.

Check this section out for all the albums released by the Stranglers over the years

Have a look here at a great cartoon of the (original line-up) Stranglers by Harry Horse.

 You want to see what my own personal favourite Stranglers tracks and albums are? Just click here!

You can go the following link for the Stranglers Singles released over the years. Fortunately whilst these are on a different server due to space constraints - it doesn't take too long to get there.


The Stranglers Singles - THIS LINK WORKS NOW!!

And there are plenty more items coming up in the next few weeks - so keep watching!


Here's where it's at on the web while you wait!


Click on the link for the official "Rats Lair" This is a great site!

If you are one of those die hard Hugh fans check out "The Torture Garden" another fine page

Here's another great Stranglers page by Jim - "Burning Up Time"- loads of Live pictures on this one.


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