Taxi Girl - Seppuku


Track Listing

Les Armees De La Nuit

Vivianne Vog

La Femme Ecarlate

N'Importe Quel Soir

Avenue Du Crime

Musee Tong

John Doe 85

Les Damnes (Chant Des Enfants Morts)

Treizieme Section

Les Armees (instrumental)

The Armies of the Night

On Any Evening

Viviane Vog

Scarlet Women

Avenue of Crime

Tong Museum

John Doe 85

The Damned

Thirteenth Section


Produced by J.J. Burnel

Released on Fan Club Records Catalogue Number FCK 047


You will probably have guessed that the above track listing is first the French versions and then the English versions of the same tracks.


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