The Stranglers Singles


Over the years The Stranglers have brought out some Classic singles. From the "punk" aggression of "Something Better Change" through the sub-Disco "Thrown Away", the gentle "Golden Brown" and the sub-dance "Sweet Smell of Success" there really has to be something for everyone. Add the, often superb, though admittedly occasionally dreadful "B" sides The Stranglers really have demonstrated an incredible diversity of quality musicianship.

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For your viewing pleasure - 'cos you don't want to be sat there for half an hour while one page loads - the pages have been split into rather more manageable chunks.

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The Stranglers Singles - The U.A. Years

The Stranglers Singles - Epic Years Part 1

The Stranglers Singles - Epic Years Part 2 and The New Line Up

The Stranglers Singles - Solo and Bootlegs


Each single has its own page specially devoted to it with a large version of the cover (where I have a copy of it!) and details of the tracks along with such interesting details as chart position, producer and occasional gossip and trivia.


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