The Stranglers - Left to right - Paul Roberts, Dave Greenfield, John Ellis, Jean Jacques Burnel and Jet Black

The Stranglers Now onto Mark III

Following the sad news that John Ellis has left the band for pastures new The Stranglers move onto line up number 3 with guitarist Baz Warne. If you are into this sort of thing you can go and check him out at the Rats Lair

This site hopes to become the definitive historical site for The Stranglers. There are many other excellent sites around (see the links page). This one aims to play to its own strengths with as good a discography (eventually!) as can be produced, as much old "news" as can be found and, eventually, a full tab section for all you budding guitarists (and, occasionally bass players) to go out there and form your own tribute bands!

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