Saturday Night Sunday Morning

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs



Toiler On The Sea

96 Tears

Always The Sun

No More Heroes

Golden Brown


Strange Little Girl

Something Better Change

Hanging Around

All Day And All Of The Night


Was It You?/Down In The Sewer

Recorded 11 August 1990


 Release Date June 1993

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart


The very next day Hugh advised the rest of The Stranglers, by phone, that he no longer wished to continue as a member of the band.

The Stranglers have never played live with a brass section again.

The imagery on the album cover is interesting - the picture above is the CD inlay, but the actual CD case had the following image embosed on it showing 3 Rats going one way and 1 rat leaving the case!

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