NOFX - The Albums


OK - these are (most) of the albums NOFX have released;


1) Liberal Animation - pile of shit - don't bother with it!! This was their first album - and boy - does it show!! Listen to the tracks on I Heard They Suck Live for better versions.

2. S & M Airlines - a marked improvement on Liberal Animation both singing and songwriting improved tenfold. Best tracks S & M Airlines and You Drink You Drive You Spill.

3. Ribbed - a further improvement - hey - at least they don't stand still!! Best moments - The Moron Brothers New Boobs and Together in the Sand

3. The Longest Line - alright - its not an album - I know. Still worth a mention - and guess what - there best yet!! Only 5 tracks - pick of them is Kill All The White Man

4 White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean - Personally my favourite - they are all great - the pick? Well for me I Wanna Be Your Baby, Lisa and Louise, Johnny Appleseed and Buggley Eyes are all top bollox! Also El Hefe's first album apperance.

5. Punk In Drublic - The first NOFX album I got - well hey - I live in England OK - never heard of them 'till now!! Top tracks - Lori Meyers, Jeff Wears Birkenstocks and Linoleum

6. Heavy Petting Zoo - The slow (!) album - well its slower than the others. Best moments Hobophobic (scared of bums), Whats The Matter with Kids Today? and the mighty Hotdog In A Hallway.

7. I Heard They Suck Live - The Live album surprise surprise! Best moments - all the banter!

8. So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes - This is a great album - their latest - Monosyllabic Girl with The Beatles "Woooooooo" takes the biscuit!! Listen to it on MP3 here


That's it for the albums for the time being.


Hang on a second though - best include this one as well;

a) Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies - Have a Ball plus Bowling Tips from the Gutter Punks. OK - Its NOT NOFX - but Fat Mike's on there! Full covers album - well funny versions of some classic tracks.

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


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