Spic 'N' Span 


The Space Between Us


Mumble Jumble

Wild Talents


Early Riding Daddy

Elevator Man

Giving Up The Ghost

The Needs of the Soul

Running Through The Trees

One Way Street

Jimi Jam

Stutter Gun

The Best Part of The Cabbage

Release Date 1999

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart

Written, Performed and Recorded by John Ellis except the Vocals on The Space Between Us, Monopoly and Mumble Jumble sung by Alex Legg

Catalogue Number None

Record Label - Furious Productions.

Initially only 50 copies of this CD were produced. All hand made and signed by John. Due to demand a further 50 were produced.


Here's a piccy of the rear artwork, proving that I have the 50th copy!


Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs

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