Jake Burns' Big Wheel

Bradford Queens Hall

I don't have a clue how to change the world but Gee, aren't these Rebel Coiffures the most ? I do not mourn the Stiff Little Fingers - not whilst The Alarm exist to shame and embarrass every Rockin' Politico (and there aren't that many Left).

Jake Burns' voice has lost its grating, cringeworthy, pre-public edge but his hair looks just as daft. Gone are the Che Guevara threads, gone's the leather jacket. For now he sports the noveau-mode of the latent Ted not seen since that first damp Autumn's afternoon of Power Pop. Now our hero speaks not of tanks, guns and the snarling Puppy Dogs of State Oppression but girly guff, free love and sin as if on a part-exchange scheme with that GIANT of New Pop Sensibility - Martin ABC.

We cannot bring ourselves to condemn the discussion of Hetero-Sex in the format of the Rock 'n' Roll lyric. Others have taken this poor blind substitute for the multi-coloured joys of masturbation and made it SCORCH!

But does Jake Burns'?

Not yet he doesn't.

Susan Williams.

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