Honest Don's Records


A great little label this - set up to support Fat Wreck Chords for bands that didn't fit the Fat mould

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


Two Excellent (cheap - about £4.99) samplers are available -

Honest Don's Welcome Wagon

(Don 011-2 Honest Don's 14 Step Program Records)

featuring - as you might expect - 14 tracks from The Mad Caddies, Limp, Riverdales, Dance Hall Crashers, Chixdiggit, The Other, Teen Idols, Diesel Boy, J Church, The Submissives and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.


Honest Don's Greatest Shits

(Don 018-2 Honest Don's Crazy Crappin' Clowns)

you can find 14 tracks from Diesel Boy, Teen Idols, Mad Caddies, Limp, Anti Flag, Flof, Chixdiggit, Hagfish, Dance Hall Crashers, J Church and The Riverdales. Again - nice and cheap at around £4.99.

Of the full albums issued these are some of the highlights;


Diesel Boy - Cock Rock

(Don 001-2 Honest Don's Hardly Used Recordings)

Diesel Boy - Venus Envy

(Don 014-2 Honest Don's Fine Looking Fellows)

Dance Hall Crashers - The Old Record (1989-1992)

Honest Dons Hardly Used Recordings DON 002

The Other - The Other

(Don 005-2 Honest Don's Snug Fitting Trousers)

Mad Caddies - Quality Soft Core

(Don 007-2 Honest Don's Hardly Rude Recordings)

Limp - Pop and Disorderly

(Don 008-2 Honest Don's Fat Free Recordings)

Limp - Guitarded

(Don 0019-2 Honest Don's Ass, Gas or Grass)

Teen Idols - Teen Idols

(Don 013-2 Honest Don's Reliable Redneck Recordings)

Chixdiggit - Born On The First of July

Honest Don's Canadian Passport DON 016


Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs


American Punk & Ska

The Stranglers

Stiff Little Fingers