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the second coming


Following the phenomenal success of their "Greatest Hits" album, which lodged in the UK charts for over a year, The Stranglers are about to stalk stage centre again with their first studio album in two years, to be released on their own label intriguingly named Psycho Records.

In charge of the "upwards and onwards department" for over 15 year's are Jean Jacques Burnel (Bass), Jet Black (Drums) and Dave Greenfield; (Keyboards), with guitarist John Ellis now enlisted as a full time Strangler, both on and off the record. Together with new vocalist Paul Roberts,The Stranglers are now firing on all five cylinders, and with their new album, "Stranglers In The Night", and single, "Heaven or Hell,are set for another record-breaking year in the charts.

Following their success with the Simple Minds concerts last Autumn when they played to over 100,000 cheering fans a massive world tour is being projected for the band, beginning with selected dates in Europe, and returning to the UK for concerts in October, before embarking on further European dates, and an extensive tour of America, Australia and Japan in the New Year.

The Guildford Stranglers soon found their deserved niche within the emerging New Wave movement of 1976. Having dropped the "Guildford", The Stranglers debut album "Rattus Norvegicus" entered the charts at no.4. With the follow-up "No More Heroes" reaching platinum status and three top ten singles during 1977, success was smelling sweet.

When they returned to the London stage in 1978 for the first time in 18 months, with their third album "Black and White" they were the crest of the New Wave and ended the year topping all of the readers music polls.

A live album, "X Certs" and a solo album "Euroman Cometh", from bassist Jean Jacques Burnel preceded the release of their 5th top ten album, "The Raven" in 1979.

"The Gospel According To The Meninblack" once again entered the charts in the top 10 and yet another sell out tour followed. "La Folie" was the next album and included the million selling single "Golden Brown". A change of record company yielded the albums "Feline" "Aural Sculpture" and "Dreamtime", the singles "European Female", "Always The Sun" and a manic version of The Kinks' classic "All Day and All Of The Night", keeping The Stranglers firmly placed at the top of the charts and polls throughout the Eighties.

With a manager appointed for the first time in nine years, the band recorded their first album for the nineties, "Ten" and scored their biggest American success to date. Hugh agreed it was their best album but decided to leave the band on a high after their 1990 gig in front of 8,500 people at the Alexandra Palace.

A 15 track Greatest Hits album covering the years 1977 - 1990 was released soon after and spent an incredible 56 weeks in the UK charts and has notched up sales in Europe topping the 1 million mark.

In 1991 on the gruelling UK and European tour that followed, culminating with a head-lining appearance at the Tallin Rock Festival in Estonia, Russia, in front of 80,000 wildly enthusiastic fans, Paul proved that The Stranglers were far from choked. Now on their own label with a new album and their biggest ever tour looming, The Stranglers are ready to prove that they are a band who are not only moving on, but also up.

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