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This is a guide based solely on my own experiences of buying records on the internet. As I live in the UK this can only apply to other people who live in the UK. Obviously - whilst I have not had any problems with the firms included in the past I cannot guarantee that they won't steal all your money!!

 The British music Industry are very keen to tell us that CD's etc aren't over priced here - Absolute RUBBISH!! Just shop around on the internet on American sites and you will find that you can save around £5 a CD - and that's after postage and packing! Here are a few things to bear in mind;

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs

  1. Don't buy more than 2 CD's at a time - if you do you will be hit for Import duty and VAT - believe you me - this can make it VERY expensive!
  2. Shop at the Record labels if you can - I have saved a further £3 by doing this!
  3. Bear in mind that if you order from abroad it will take longer to arrive - typically about a week with airmail from America
  4. Don't buy Video's from America unless you have one of those swish video players that can read their type of video!
  5. Remember - the exchange rate goes up and down - keep an eye on it!


I have found that the best company to use is CD Now - they appear to have the widest (and it is massive) selection actually on the premises so they usually post your items in a day or two.


You could check out my own Shopping Page which has loads of direct links to artists at CDNow, along with direct links to some books for these Bands as well.

 One of the biggest and most annoying problems with buying over the Internet from a UK store is that they have a tendency not to stock everything - rather - they order the item from the distributor when you place the order - this can add weeks to the delivery time - the worst offenders for this are iMVS and COW Records. Why bother waiting? Look around and you will find the Distributors have mail order pages - like Plastic Head

The best UK internet record shop I have found is Action Records

Second Hand records are available - of course - 2 of the best sites I have found are


  1. In The UK - Vinyl Tap Records - tend to be a little pricey
  2. In The US - Vinyl Vendors

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