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Lyrics 1962-1998

Like a Bullet of Night: The Films of Bob Dylan

Song and Dance Man III: The Art of Bob Dylan


Encounters with Bob Dylan


Dylan : Behind the Shades


Razor's Edge : Bob Dylan and the Never Ending Tour

Tangled Up In Tapes : a Recording History of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan: Performing Artist: The Middle Years, 1974-1986


Bob Dylan : A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day : 1941-1995


Bob Dylan Greatest Hits : Song Book


Early Dylan, Photographs and Introduction by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer and Jim Marshall

Bob Dylan : The Early Years : A Retrospective


Bob Dylan : Watching the River Flow, Observations on His Art-In-Progress 1966 1995

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right : Bob Dylan, the Early Years


Dylan: The Life and Music of America's Folk-Rock Icon


No Direction Home : The Life and Music of Bob Dylan


The Superhuman Crew

Bob Dylan (C.P. Lee, Paul Kelly)


Bob Dylan (Paul Williams)


The 6 Chord Songbook : Play All These Dylan Songs on Guitar With Only 6 Chords


The Best of Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan: A Portrait of the Artist - Early Years


Bob Dylan (Anthony Scaduto, Johnny Rogan)


The Concise Bob Dylan


Dylan (Bob Spitz)


Hard Rain: A Bob Dylan Commentary


Lyrics, 1962-1996

Bob Dylan Made Easy for the Guitar (tab)

Rock Jam Trax for Bass with CD

The Complete Guitar Player : Bob Dylan Songbook (tab)

The Complete Guitar Player's Bob Dylan Songbook (tab)

Bob Dylan: the Man in Him (bio)

Bob Dylan Vol 1: In the Spotlight So Clear

Bob Dylan Vol 2: Clear Focused All Around

Bob Dylan Vol 3: In Jersey Anything's Legal

The Best of Bob Dylan

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits Vol 3

Dylan : World Gone Wrong

Classic Dylan : A Collection of All the Music from Four Landmark Dylan Albums

Bob Dylan : Under the Red Sky

The Bob Dylan Collection

Anthology 1

Anthology 2

  Greatest Hits : Complete Edition

Bob Dylan: Time out of mind (bio)

Bob Dylan: in His Own Words (bio)

Bob Dylan: Performing Artist 1: 1960-1973

Bob Dylan: Performing Artist 2: 1974-1986

The Complete Guide to the Music of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan (bio)

Bob Dylan (Pop Culture Legends) (bio)

Bob Dylan : Harmonica

Fingerpicking Dylan

Bob Dylan (William McKeen) (bio)

Bob Dylan John Hume, Paul Williams (bio)

Bob Dylan in His Own Words

Bob Dylan: a Descriptive, Critical Discography and Filmography, 1961-1992 (bio)

Bob Dylan (Clinton Heylin)

Positively Bob Dylan (reference)

World Gone Mad: Bob Dylan


Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs

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