Bad Religion


OK - they may be a bit "samey" BUT without Bad Religion would we have such a strong Punk movement in America right now? Undoubtedly this band have not received the commercial recognition that they deserve but they keep plugging away and another album is due soon. Ex Guitarist and Songwriter Brett Gueriwitz formed and now runs "Epitaph" one of the strongest "independent" record labels in America, indeed, Epitaph were responsible for releasing the record breaking Offspring album "Smash" .


Have a listen to

1) American Jesus

2) The Handshake

3) 21st Century Digital Boy

4) Atomic Garden

5) Roman Candle


And album? - well give Stranger Than Fiction a go - but its difficult to pick out one album that's particularly better than another.

Check out the Bad Religion section at CDNow on the following link - they even let you have a listen to some of the tracks! Have a read of my guide to buying CD's on the Internet and see why you will save a bit of money doing it.

Here are the albums that the band have released over the years.



No Control

Against The Grain


Stranger Than Fiction

Gray Race

No Substance



Web sites - well Bad Religion have many - this seems to be the best one -


also check out the Epitaph "Anti Web" here -

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