Aural Fantasy

Track Listing

Skin Deep

Punch & Judy

Head On The Line

In One Door


Shakin' Like A Leaf

La Bete

Mayan Slies

Nice in Nice

Always The Sun

Ghost Train


Released on Ziggarat Records Catalogue Number INCA 666


Unlike a lot of the bootleg albums out and about this is one of the few that is well worth getting. The first side contains demo's of various Aural Sculpture tracks without the brass section - Dave fills these parts with his Keyboard. The B side has demo versions of a number of Dreamtime tracks. There are two unreleased tracks being "La Bete" which is an English version of JJ's "Un Jour Parfait" but with a different middle eight and chorus - see the track "The Beast" on "From Birth and Beyond" which is similar. "Head On The Line" is a real rocker and appeared only on the limited edition "EP" single version of No Mercy.

Unlike the majority of bootlegs this one has excellent (stereo) quality and one assumes that it has been taken from some studio master tapes. One well worth getting hold of if you can!


Release Date 1983

Highest Chart Position - Did Not Chart

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