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We make no apologies in featuring The Stranglers on these pages, they being the original "Meninblack"

However, life would be very boring if we only listened to one particular band all the time, so for your enjoyment we include here a vast resource of information on Punk Rock generally.

Over the next few months these pages will expand greatly. Each band featured will have details of as many other sites dedicated to them on the world-wide web as we can find, as well as masses of information on them within these pages.

Also featured on these pages is a full index of all the tab music ever included within the excellent Total Guitar magazine. So, if you have a stack of mags and can't be bothered looking at each one to find Green Days "Basketcase" - just check out the index.

So, sit back, spike your hair and blow your mind with some real hardcore punk rock.

Just like nothing on earth....

To buy any of the bands music featured in these pages just click onto either the CD Now or Amazon links - one of them is bound to have what you are looking for! Or use who Total Guitar use -

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U.K. Bands


Bad Religion
The Vandals
The Other
The Offspring
The Dead Kennedys
Honest Don's Records
Hellcat Records

The Stranglers
The Purple Helmets
Stiff Little Fingers
Jake Burns and The Big Wheel

The Clash
The Sex Pistols

Inflammable Material for all your Punk and Ska CDs